Three Simple Ways to Preserve Memories

I started MOMhood with a bang. I started a journal beginning the day we found out and I actually wrote in it regularly. I wrote about my feelings, experiences, moods, cravings. I even took pictures of my growing belly and glued them in. The last entry in that journal - or any journal - was dated … Continue reading Three Simple Ways to Preserve Memories

Ignoring… It’s a strategy too

Sometimes, I ignore my kids. I act like they don't even exist. I go about my business and pretend they are not there. If you saw me doing this, you would probably see my child acting out. You may even think, how can she just let her kid get away with that???? Well, here's how. … Continue reading Ignoring… It’s a strategy too

Judgment Free Summers

As summer begins, I feel led to lift up moms in prayer. Our world is harsh. And the reality is that no mom is safe from judgment. In this world you can be judged if you work or if you stay at home; if you are too involved with your kids or if you're not involved … Continue reading Judgment Free Summers

Garbage in…Garbage out

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. Proverbs 18:21 I memorized this verse and worked on taming my tongue. I do pretty well a good bit of the time and even managed to spark a change in the overall atmosphere of my marriage.  So … Continue reading Garbage in…Garbage out

Your feelings might be lying to you

There was a time when being in the same room with my husband caused a physical reaction which can basically be equated to blood boiling anger. So when I found myself feeling this way-usually after an argument-I would let it be known. I can't stand to be in the same room with you. I don't … Continue reading Your feelings might be lying to you

Disappoint your child

Does your child throw a fit in the grocery store when you tell him you are not buying his favorite cereal? Do you then find yourself humiliated, giving in just to get him to stop? If you asked me, I would say that maybe you haven't disappointed your child enough. Think about it, the world … Continue reading Disappoint your child